Friday September 21, 2018

New Building

After 11 years in its temporary home, Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center is moving to a new permanent building, to be built on the existing clinic site.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony on April 22nd, 2013, was led by Bishop Robert C. Wright, Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta, and attended by members of the Good Samaritan Board, staff, volunteers, community leaders and patients.

Under the master plan, Good Samaritan’s new home will be constructed in three phases. Each phase will add a wood-frame-on-concrete-slab clinical building. Phase one, a one-story 4,000 square foot building, houses multiple medical functions as well as the pharmacy. The lobby/waiting area is included in phase one and 24 new parking spaces were added. Some of the existing trailers will be removed at the completion of phase one; the remaining trailers will be removed once phase two is complete.

The first building is dedicated to Dr. Joseph A. Wilber, who devoted his heart,mind, and soul to the care of others.

February 2018--Cabinets appear

January 2018--The future conference room appears

December 2017--Dry wall appears

November 2017--The second floor gets its wrapping

October 2017--The second floor appears

September 2017--Stairways are installed

August 2017--The first floor appears

April 2016--The foundation appears

February 2016--Moving Dirt for Phase 2

June 2015--Groundbreaking for Phase 2

March 2015--Building Ready for Use

February 2015--Cabinets appear in lab room

January 2015--Flooring and important appliances appear

December 2014--Pharmacy

December 2014--Sheet rock goes on--vision room

December 2014--The insulation gets installed

September 2014--Looking into the future Pharmacy room

August 2014--Siding and Windows Appear

July 2014--Partitions Begin

May 2014--The roof begins to show

May 2014--The roof trusses appear

May 2014--The walls begin to rise

April 2014--Slab is poured

March 2014--The foundation is in place

November 2013--Dirt moving

Site Preparation Begins

(l-r): Carole Maddux, Bishop Robert Wright, Dr. Al Hallum, and Jeff Downing

(l-r) Tom Harrison, Miller Andress, Carole Maddux, Ben Chinn, and Leigh Jones Garrett

The Site Plan